Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Holi, All

Hap-Hap-Hap-ppppyyy Holi!

Holi has always been my favorite festival. It means joy, and laughter, and teasing, and flirtation and enthusiasm and excitement and trepidation and anticipation :)

Oh joyous Holi, with its colors and water - and even the eggs and grease and coke - all that we used to throw at everybody else- and get thrown back at us.
I loved the Holi food too- especially the Gunjias and Kaanji (the extremely khatta kali gajar ka ras- if you have not had kaanji, you've missed out on something in life, believe me!)

There are numerous Holi songs, yet the one that captures the spirit and verve- and the one I love most is-

Jo jee mein aaye,
tum aaj karlo,
chaaho jise,
in baahon me bhar lo

Ang se Ang lagaana,
Sajan hamein aise rang lagaana....

Gaalon se ye gaal lagake,
nainon se ye nain milaake,
holi aaj manaana
Sajan hamein aise rang lagaana

(It really captures the spirit of Holi ;)

Unfortunately, its too cold here (its still snowing outside) to play the Indian wet holi style!
But for all of you in good weather, have a colorful blast on Holi.