Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Culture and Chaos

Maybe yes, this entire idea of incorporating culture into one's comprehension is a bit too ambitious..But I do know that to define oneself, and be an individual, without the backbone and support culture is impossible. What parameters do we have left then to define and measure against?
Yet, this is just another mindless detour. What I want to know is that how do we assimilate culture into our work and mindset as architects? Architecture is all-encompassing- total and holistic, and is..maybe..a subset of culture? So I have to fully understand culture before appreciating its architectural implications and vice-versa. Architecture and Culture as totally enmeshed...each influencing the other and being moulded and morphed by it??

And can something that is a subset of the larger comprehend the larger..Isn't it always the bigger picture looking down...maybe a bottoms-up approach is required..

Yet here I am, trying to understand Indian culture from the American perspective..and the American from the Indian........

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Ginkgo said...

I thought if I read it 3 times, I might begin to get a whiff of what you were talking abt..
and then let u do..what u do better..:-)

Keep @ it..:-)