Monday, May 21, 2007

Love and Chocolate Cake

I so wanted to bake a cake. SOOOOO wanted to bake a cake.
Every pore of my being craved to bake one!

Don't ask why! Lets call the reason love :)

Okay, now this might be a perfectly natural craving for some of us, but given that
a) I had never baked (Once- but had set the cake on fire)
b) I had absolutely NO ingredients to bake a cake.

I still wanted to do it. And Yes, the reason was Love.

Anyway- I did manage a pretty good cake, with nothing to begin with. Improvised every step of the way. Love brings its own inspiration :)

Here's my first recipe on this blog:

The "Crazily-in-Love" Chocolate Cake

1 cup Aata (Thats normal everyday flour)
1.5 cups of Oil
1 cup of sugar

I kneaded all this together.

7 Oreo Cookies
Chopped them to a powder in the food processor
(that was my only source of chocolate)

15 Cashewnuts
Chopped coarse in the food processor.

Added the above to the dry batter.

NOW- the big question.
I had no idea what to do next.

I did not know how to make a batter with all my dry ingredients.

Inspiration again.

I took out the remaining one-fourth tub of Strawberry Ice-cream. Put it into a plastic container, added some water. And microwaved it.

Viola! I had milk.
Mixed it into the flour mixture- and my smooth, fine batter was ready.

Added the baking powder (actually, 1 spoonful of Eno) and that was it.

Poured the batter into the baking dish.
Any I had my perfect chocolate cake after an hour.

No, not really- it did break when I took it out of the baking dish.
But it made me immeasurably happy.

I was listening to these absolutely cheesy 80's-90's romantic Hindi movie songs while cooking (the kind you don't want to own up to even being in the same room as). With this mushy smile on my face. For all those stupid silly soppy songs suddenly made sense.

Happy :)

For doing this kind of corny cooking. For doing it to make just one moment special.
(Obviously, later both would be too drunk/ asleep).

Happy First Month Anniversary to ME!!!


Pradeep said...

Happy first month anniversary, sweetie pie ;)

Pradeep said...

I loved the cake :-*

Chamaree said...

Hey Rachna, congrats on the cake (the wedding too, but I already said that before). I cannot bake to save my life ... may be I should take you as an inspiration and try to bake again.