Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Celebration of Love

So, I saw Sex and the City (the movie) yesterday (first day, third show :)
And absolutely luurrrrrrrrrvvvvvvved it.
It is just so beautiful, so sweet, so poignant, so "love"!!
That is the only way to describe the movie- its all about LOVE - all-encompassing, forgiving, generous, sorry, painful, difficult, beautiful, emotional, hopeful, endearing- its love, love, love :)
(Yes, that's the sappy grin on my face that still has not gone 24 hours after seeing the movie :)

Its about "happily ever after" and more importantly, about believing in happily ever after. Its about having dreams of love, and getting there, albeit with innumerable trials, tribulations and triumphs.
It brings a whole new meaning to "Love conquers all" :)
(yup, goofy grin again).

I know- I am a hopelessly sappy romantic mushy stars in the eyes happily ever after believer- so obviously I totally related to the movie (just as I have always been in love with the TV series).
Its definitely a must see for all diehard romantics- simply because you believe in love, and even more if you like "the girls".
(goofy grin with stars in my eyes- I have no idea how to emoticon that).

The girls have grown older, have mellowed, maybe wiser- yet they are all quintessentially the same, with the same quest for true love. And they find it- be it within themselves or outside.
It is this patchwork quilt of life, with its unbearable pain knitted in with its hilarious moments, its grief and anger, its learning to forgive, its pure joy, its guilt, and self-doubt and questions and finding answers and looking forward...

Looking forward, and looking beyond- beyond labels (on both clothes and people), beyond names, beyond self, beyond ego... and even beyond love...

So, taking a quote from the movie... "Get Carried Away"


Richa said...

It is a nice movie..I loved it too. But I love the series more than the movie. They are more focused on a single message rather than the story of the girls. The one-liners are much better and to the point in the series..

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

offtopic, i hunted down and saw that LIA clip you've been talking about

:) nice. thanks for the reco.

Rachna said...

@Richa- thats the whole point na! They are shown as more mellow- but I do agree that the series lines were more sarcastic and pointed. I guess they did want to show the girls as older and wiser :)
@Ipanema Girl- Thanks! And Sorry for behaving in the most immature way possible.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@Ipanema Girl- Thanks! And Sorry for behaving in the most immature way possible

what about???!!

i149 said...

hmmm.. Dangerous Dan observed that this is like Rambo for chicks