Tuesday, June 17, 2008


When I was in high school, my Mom introduced me to the wonderful world of ghazals.
And it opened a whole new area of expression of all my teenage angst.

Mom had a really really old diary (dating from her jawani) in which she had written a number of ghazals, and then she would sing them. She often used to sing them to me too, as we both sat in the balcony on hot and humid evenings, the usual electric power cut happening.
(She's got the most amazing voice ever).

As I sit here missing my husband,
these lines from that old diary wafted into my mind (after probably 15 years of hearing them)

"Lamhe lamhe mein basi hai teri yaadon ki mahak,
Aaj ki raat to khushbu ka safar lagti hai..."


Somesh Srivastava said...
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Somesh Srivastava said...

good one!! bravo!!

iz said...

Beautiful lyrics.

nikhil said...

that's so... nostalgic.. romantic, and all so nicely put.

BTW, I was introduced to Rafi the same way :)

Rachna said...

@Nikhil,Just read your comment- yup, I know, horribly late.
Thanks for putting up the whole ghazal on your blog- loved reading it and reliving old memories!