Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Me no Gulti

Here's what I have been doing lately.
I've fallen in love with this song.

And have been listening to it non-stop for the last 5 days- on repeat mode on the computer.
I also play it again and again and again in the car. Totally NONSTOP.
(in fact, its even playing right now- I just play it 24/7)

Now that I have am using my husband's computer, I obviously had to explore everything it had (read: me being a nosey parker :)
And found this really great song.

The only problem is:

I just love the music.
Can somebody translate the whole thing: poetically, not by breaking up the sentences and telling me individual word meanings, but as a coherent beautiful poetic whole.
And now, just because of this song, I want to learn the language. The song is so poetic just to listen to, it would probably be great to actually understand it.

I wish this could be done like in Matrix: somebody plug my head in, and when its over I know the language. Completely- with all its subtleties and nuances.
I would not have to go through the pain of learning it.

Can somebody please teach me Telugu??
(I would ask my husband, but I don't want even more fights ;)

P.S.- Read the first comment under the video. Its hilarious!!!


Stone said...


No this smile is not ONLY coz of this post but also stems from your comment on Krish's 'Pronto' post :-)
Your observations there were AWESOME and only someone actually living in bay area can understand.

I'm still smiling.....no LAUGHING :-)

Rachna said...

@stone- thanks for the vote of confidence :)
I seem to have really offended some people over at Krish's.
Oh well, they are all Southies ;)

(no prejudice intended, after all- I married one )

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-) I'd offer to teach but my telugu is not very great. Just about working knowledge that also gets made fun of when I go to my hometown.

White Magpie said...

hahahaha..the first comment had me in splits..Thank Gawd I passed by your blog..Havent laffed so hard for a long time...Cheers

Anonymous said...

I could translate every word of that song for you.. But then I came here fresh after having read your comments on the Toronto-Pronto post! :)

Some strong points you pointed out there, I noted... :)
But then, did you bump into any Tulu guys in Bay area? I would be interested to know how they behave as a crowd in the US! :)

Anonymous said...

That song is basically a love song, where the woman sings on how much she loves the guy, how well their future life is going to be, how she is enjoying life with him.. and the likes!
Btw, one more trivia about this song is that the woman dies at the end of this song in the movie, and this whole sequence is actually being told in flashback!

Sameera said...


try this song


i think ull like it too :)
sorry cant translate the song u asked even though im telugu :(

not good at the poetic stuff in the mother tongue

am a gult married to a bong who likes telugu songs more than i do :)

Sameera said...

thank you Rachna for your comments on my blog.

Happy Varalaxmi Vratam to you too..Yes it is my first and kinda favorite festival but aint doing anything cos my mom is away and i dont know how to do it alone :-s sheepish grin.

did you do puja or plan to?
came here thru sidins blog :)

Rachna said...

@ Sameera- yes, I did Puja and all- my MIL is pretty insistent that I do it! So she sends detailed instructions- she even wrote the whole 2-3 page chant in English (since I can't read Telugu) in an email and sent it via email so that I could do the Puja properly.