Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Any Good News?

There is this intense pressure in Indian society to have a kid the moment one is married- not exactly, but you know what I mean.
One has barely breathed a sigh of relief- oh, I am finally getting married, now the whole world will be off my back- the innumerable buas, chachis, mausis, Mom- all of whom were hounding me to get married!
But they ALL started- a FEW DAYS BEFORE I GOT MARRIED- on the fact that I should have a kid really soon! Nowadays, every time I speak to anybody at all in India, I am asked-
"So, any good news?"

It is not considered possible that I might actually not want to have a child right now- I mean- How can any woman NOT want a child as soon as she can legally have one with complete societal acceptance? That is against the laws of being a good Bharatiya nari.

It is such an all-pervasive idea settled deep into our society- that a woman can not be happy/complete until
1. She is married.
2. She has male offspring IMMEDIATELY.

So I was having this IM conversation with my nephew and my bua (his grandmom)- who is about 18-19 years old (my nephew, not my bua) and here is what happened:

Bua: Beta, khush hai na? (Are you happy) {general routine question she always asks}
Me: Yes, I am happy and fine.
Nephew: No, of course you are not.
Me: What? {surprised} I am!
Nephew: No!
Me: Why? What do you mean? All is well with me.
Nephew: No, because you don't have a child.
Me: Speechless!!!


Richa said...

I have a theory regarding this. All of your relatives wants you to be normal so that they can brag how normal you are. Trend breakers are looked down in the society so they want you to be in a stage where you can't break any trend and hence the hurry.

Enjoy the married life...

Anonymous said...

it is a tricky situation. career should come first before anything else. you did not come to US and do Masters to have kids and become a house wife. Ignore the folks in India. concentrate on your career.

Abhishek said...

Here are some positively awesome answers to the question 'Any Good News?'

1. Yes, Obama is leading in the polls

2. Yes, "Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" is ending

3. Yes, Baba sehgal is coming out with a new album

Rachna said...

@ Abhishek- which new album? Tell me about it, I have no clue. And as you know, I am BIG fan of Baba Sehgal!

nikhil said...

Kya aapko chahiye??? (sound of water)... thanda thanda paani :D

he's the only/original indian rapper maaan.. way ahead of his times! ( I am also a fan :D )