Tuesday, December 14, 2010

South Asian Challenge 2011

I came across this challenge while randomly browsing some blogs that I read... and some that I don't. The creator of the challenge wants people to read books about South Asia, or from South Asian authors and then review them. She also has a ranking in place for the number of books read and reviewed over the course of the year. This seems like a challenge right up my alley- since I mostly read Indian/ South Asian authors. Now my only challenge is to find more authors, since I have read half of her suggested list already. But then, I still have the other half to go through :)

This will give me something to read and write, and maybe even glean life-altering mind-boggling insights from some of these books. Who knows!
Overall sounds like fun, since reading is the one thing I am constant about. Which means that I will (maybe) write more often. Sounds like a win-win situation.
Thanks to S.Krishna for this! I'm in :)

(all images from S. Krishna's post about the challenge)

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Mystica said...

My first challenge (South Asia Challenge 2011) and I am very keen to introduce some Sri Lankan authors and also go beyond the popular south asian authors as well