Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dressing on the side

I find this phrase infinitely sophisticated and alluring. There is so much that can be deduced about a person if they take dressing on the side. Yes, I am totally alluding to Harry’s classifications (from When Harry met Sally). He classified women as three types, high maintenance, low maintenance and the worst kind- the high maintenance who thought they were low maintenance. Of course, Sally had her salad, food etc. with her specific choice of dressing and sauce on the side.

I have been fascinated by this phrase since I saw “The Mirror has Two Faces”, in which Barbra Streisand orders her salad with dressing on the side. At that time, I did not even know what dressing was, but it all sounded very smart and sophisticated to a rustic like me. Even more so, dressing on the side. Customizable food as a concept caught my fancy. I really liked the idea.

Over time, I grew up, came to the US and unconsciously developed my own quirks and whims. This was not something I thought about till I was ordering salad for lunch the other day. I got the spinach changed to baby greens, gorgonzola cheese to mozzarella, and ordered dressing on the side (which I did not use, making my own desi dressing on lemon juice, salt and pepper). That was the day I realized that I had indeed become ‘high maintenance’.

I usually don’t have coffee after late noon, so that it does not hinder my falling asleep. I buy jams, bread and cereals from one particular shop only since the others are not good enough. I only shop in my own clothes bags, and never use plastic. I only ever eat chocolate or coffee ice cream and refuse to touch any other sort. I hate orange juice. I drink only white wines and don’t like red varietals. I buy clothes from only two specific shops. I always drink water without ice. And of course, I customize my salad J.

Maybe the above doesn’t really make me high maintenance. I think I’m just somebody with very specific choices. Or maybe Harry was right!

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