Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Irreversible Passage

Today's blog is just for the sake of continuity. Since I have not been writing in for a long time, I thought I should be. So here I am, spewing nonsense about nothing at all.
That, I honestly think, is one of the greatest abilities of anybody, especially anybody related to the social sciences. And NO, I do not mean to be derogatory by that, only complimentary.

Often I wish I had that ability..to be able to spew out words of (atleast) four syllables and string them along, convolute them and combine then to seemingly make sense. And yet, when probed and pierced apart, what remain are not even the vestiges of comprehensible coherence. Only in the first place, it should sound so totally intertwined that nobody even tries a closer perspective.

This is a unique style of eloquence, wherein issues, concepts and such other abstract notions are talked about. I need to be able to master that, an eloquence that is unparalleled in its ambivalence and equivocality. To be able to argue for and against in the same sentence, and equally coherently, and also making complete (non) sense is a goal to be aspired to.

I see and admire this quality. This ability to string together abstract notions and concepts with seeming clarity and lucidity. It is this acceptance and owning of concepts that I look forward to.
Maybe it requires an understanding of deeper issues and considerations, along with a critical evaluative attitude towards the assumptions and presumptions of the implicit and explicit underpinnings of the subject, accompanied with an objective viewpoint of the same.

After reading the above passage, maybe I am getting there :)

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