Friday, January 25, 2008

Seetharaman Narayanan

I have always been fascinated by this name- Seetharaman Narayanan. I have been using Photoshop for almost 8 years now, and I've been mesmerized by his name.
Photoshop and Seetharaman Narayanan are synonyms for me. There are times when, thinking about something that I'm designing in Photoshop- this name keeps reverberating at the back of my mind.

I always thought it was just me! And then, a few days back, I found this- an interview with the man himself.
And came to know that,
"Back in 2004, a simple comment was posted on the forum. It said, “Every time I open up photoshop I am mezmorized by this guy’s name. It’s all I can look at. Don’t know why…” Six pages of “Me, too!” responses followed."

So its the rest of the world as well! And I thought it was only me who kept staring and staring at the name. And that is why I decided to look him up. Here's what he looks like (Or what he's made to look like):

Seetharaman as God.

(P.S.- I like the mustache).


Ramesh said...

Seetharaman Narayanan has been an enigma much like 'P James Magic Show' in Chennai. This guy scribbles his name and Phone number in every possible wall of Chennai. I doubt if anyone ever has seen him in real. Google the name and you can find people writing articles about this chap - whattheheck, even i have been itching to write one! :)

tangled said...

Oh man! Me too! :D