Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This is a poem I wrote in my B.Arch first year ragging period-
we were given this phrase "Mere miyaan ne ande diye"
and told to write a creative piece on it- and be as creative as possible!

This was a regular thing in ragging- we would get some of the most weird phrases-
(I remember, another one was- "Jab mera pair shitpot me fansa)

Ostensibly, to improve our creativity. So this is what I came up with,
and it became quite a legend in the hostel :)
Mere Miyaan ne Ande Diye

Ik din mai kar rahi thhi, rasoi me kuchh kaam,
tabhi mere miyaan ne bulaya mera naam

phir andar se awaaz aayi kuchh yoon,
kukdoo koon, kukdoo koon

Mai pahunchi to darwaaza band thha,
ye sulook mujhe bilkul na pasand thha,
maine kaha "darwaaza kholo"
awaaz aayi, "abhi kuchh mat bolo"

yeh to koi jawaab na thha,
meri curiosity ka hisaab na thha,
maine utha liya hathauda,
aur usi waqt darwaaze ko toda

jaise hi meri nazar bistar par jhuki,
bas... meri to hansi hi na ruki

Miyaan bole...
Hanste hanste tumhara bura haal hai,
par sach kahoon, ye meri izzat ka sawaal hai

Ye ande maine abhi abhi diye hain,
tumhe na sahi, mujhe to bahut priye hain

Phir unhone Munne ko uske paalne se nikala,
aur uski jagah un andon ko daala,
maine Munne ko apni baahon me sameta,
par unhone to andon ko uske kambal me lapeta...

Ye dekh kar meri bhawhein tan gayi,
mai Kaali ka raudra roop ban gayi,
par unhone meri ek na maani,
kara wohi to man me thaani

kuchh dinon baad andon mein se, aayi kuchh awaaz,
hum daude gaye dekhne, kya thha iska raaz

Wo nazara dekh ke, hamaare ud gaye hosh,
andon me se nikle thhe, do pyaare khargosh

kuchh din huye, is baat ko kissa bane,
par wo dono hamaare parivaar ka hissa bane,

Munne ke saath wo
khelte hain chhupan-chhupai,
aakhir aapas mein,
wo hain to bhai- bhai

Chaahe is baat par, yakeen karna mushkil hai,
Par sach kahooon, jaanwaron ka bhi dil hai...


orangecloud said...

VERY creative indeed. If I were your senior I would have absolved you of all wragging after hearing this. Weldone :)

Richa said...

Hahaha..Very creative Rachna. No wonder it was a hit in your hostel!!

iz said...

Hey you didn't have to delete your comment. Didnt think it was rude. And was rea;lly nice to have to come read even though I post so rarely nowadays.

Rads said...

Dear Rachna,

So many things came to my mind after reading few entries your blog.

First, you are the same old Rachna I used to know. You haven't changed a bit (jitna main aapko janti thi)!

Second, (I have subscribed to your blog) it's a way for me to remember US. (FYI - I am back to India for good.....simply didn't want to stay in US for long). Reminded me of my school and things I used to love in US. I totally agree with your blog about education and your two masters and people don't understand what it means for you to have your own choices! It will take years before India offers this kind of flexibility in education system.

Third, your anecdotes of the hostel. I knew it would come in your blog.

So now I have subscribed I keep looking for more.

Keep writing,