Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shoe Bite

Contrary to all my New-Year resolutions (this HAD to happen), I am still blogging infrequently. I promised myself that I would blog more, but then it seems that I never have something to say... or too much, in which case mere words can not do justice to my emotions (Oh yes, that is just an excuse for my laziness).

However, this time I am going to talk about something that has been part of my life forever, and has taken up substantial time and energy (and conversation) of mine - my ShoeBites.
(mind you, with a capital B)

Every single shoe that I have ever worn has given me shoebites. Be it a lowly Bata chappal, or some exorbitantly strappy high-heeled stuff- everything results in 4-5 shoebites. So I have lived in perpetual pain in my feet almost all the time. I can still walk miles with my feet killing me, simply because I am so used to doing it.

I have developed a theory around my shoebites- I wear the new shoes for a couple of days- live with the pain- to break them in. Then a few days break- and voila! The next time I wear them, they are relatively painless.

My heels are perenially in various stages of blister formations- burst, about to burst, in conception... Not to mention my toes...and the rest of my feet.
There was a time I used to display the blisters of various colors and sizes to all my friends - since I was so proud of them. Nobody else had such a collection!

Am still suffering as I wore a nice new pair of formal shoes a couple of days back. Have this one horrendous burst blister- which means I can not wear shoes with a back for the time being.

And it reminded me of my long tryst with shoebites all my life.
Is it just me? Or my big, ugly feet?

I guess I am no Cinderella...


iz said...

Oh screw teh shoe bites man. And Cinderella is so ten minutes ago.

You IZ blogrolled!

frissko said...

The Bata Loyalists' association is deeply offended by your calling Bata chappal 'lowly'.

Rachna said...

@iz- thanks a ton again.

@frissko- Oh Dear! I had no intention of offending anybody- of any caste, creed, religion or sexual orientation- and more importantly, loyalties.
I love the Bata Chappal- and that is why I wore it ALL the time.