Sunday, February 28, 2010

Perennial Grocery List

I am an anal Grocery lister. I make grocery lists ALL the time.
And then make their back-ups. I used to get so upset if/when I lost my first list, that now I make sure every list I make has a back-up copy as well (Yeah, I know I'm anal!).

In fact, sometimes I feel I'm always making some sort of grocery/ to-do/ to buy list. And I usually am, in my head. In class, if I'm getting bored, my mind goes... tomato, pyaaz, aalu, dahi, milk, eggs and bread! Or If I'm giving a party, I plan my actions in the minutest detail... boil chickpeas, cut gobhi, make sabzi, then curry, then lay the table, take out the glasses.... I plan out the order like a major king would make a battle plan.

So I can never shop without a list. I feel rudderless, as if my moorings are lost. I feel handicapped without my lists. Sometimes I get tired of this incessant list making in my mind, and I want it to stop. But the only way I can stop my mind's list is to write it down... and on and on it goes. I have to go to school early tomorrow- and my mind is already laying out the steps, right up to catching the 8:33 AM train!

Its tiring and irritating, and yet I'm not alone. There are other people like me!


Paul said...

Smart phones make excellent companions for the list-making, OCD person: it's (nearly) always on you, it's illuminated, and you save paper.

Sindhu Bobba said...

I am the same too.I just realized there is another person who is so much like me :)

Rachna said...

@Paul- I am a paper-and-pen person! And I still use my phone ONLY for calling people :)
But I agree that smart phones are super useful, Its me thats obsolete!
@Sindhu- yes! I'm sure there are lots of OCD'ers like us :)