Friday, March 26, 2010

Self-Help Junkie

I discovered Self-Help books after coming to the US, since I did not know much about them back home. And now I am a dedicated follower. Of course, there are self-help books on/for everything: how to find a date/man; how to give a great blow-job; how to save your marriage; how to raise great kids; how to get a job; how to be a writer; how to be happy; how to be positive; how to cook; how to lose weight; how to learn karate; how to live... you name it, and there is a self-help book for it!

And I am a sucker for them all! Self-help books are my go-to for all my problems. You'll find them everywhere around me- on my bedstand, my bookshelf, my Kindle! Because I like to think that there is a solution that I can find in these pages. And then once I apply it, everything will be a happily ever after. These books give me hope- that I can make myself and my life better. Even though I barely apply much of the advice. Yet, I still love reading them!

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