Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chahida Chahida Chahida Mainu!

For those who don't know Punjabi, the title is translated as "I want, want, WANT!!!"
That is what I have been thinking these days- how our wants are usually endless. First its one thing, then the next and the next. I want all the time!
Of course, one can argue that this is a good thing, wanting keeps us on our toes and makes us competitive. Yet, I don't like it if this perpetual wanting takes away my sense of peace and inner contentment. The latter is what is most important to me- though of course, I want and want :)

What I really do not like is when we do not differentiate "want" from "need". Of course, we all want. We never have everything we want "..har kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahin milta..kabhi zameen to kabhi aasmaan nahin milta..."
But some people obsess so much about their wants that it overshadows the good in their lives. And keep cribbing incessnatly (I've been guilty of this a LOT!). Though lately, I have tried to stop cribbing and be happy for my blessings. So this makes me even more irritated with people who are always whining or cribbing about something or the other.

On a separate but related note, I also think that the more materialustic (the spelling is intentional) a society, the more we have no internal system of balances to keep wanting in check. Though "thou shall not covet" and be envious, it is almost impossible not to. Even in India, consumption is the new rage. More, better, faster, bigger, smaller, blingier. Mine!

Here's this awesome song that captures this so well:

A B C D Chaida Mainu
wo DVD Chaida Mainu
CTV bhi Chaida Mainu
LCD Bhi Chaida Mainu

Laal Mercedes Chaidi Mainu
Laal Kila Bhi Chaida Mainu
Haa Haa Chaida Ho Ho Chaida

Mainu Chaida Chaida Chaida
Chaida Chaida Chaida
Chaida Chaida Chaida
Chaida Chaida Chaida


Anonymous said...

I feel those with simpler needs are happier people.
If we can find happiness in a beautiful morning and a cool glass of lassi on a hot afternoon, we'd find it do much easier to be happy...

Rachna said...

@IHM- Yes, I so agree! And the cool glass of lassi reminds me so much of home!
Happiness is truly elusive, if ti rests in external entities.

ntasha said...

well i agree tht u need 2 differentiate need frm want but these wants themselves stem actually frm r dreams..these wants keep us alive n going..always going forward to find somthin more somethin better somethin newer..but these wants shud nvr b allowed 2 overtake d limitations of life..tht balancin id wht we all 've 2 master in d end 2 find peace