Thursday, November 03, 2011

Blog Anniversary Post: Six years together

A friend of mine today mentioned that she wanted to start her own blog. So we were talking about it, and I was reminiscing about the day I started this blog. And suddenly it struck me, it was on THIS VERY DAY, six years ago. Yes, this blog was born on November 03, 2005. Went back in time (to the first ever post) and checked. Indeed, the first post was on November 03, 2005. Just "Testing" :-)

So many memories and moments came flooding back. I was extremely new to the US at that time, had been here only for about two months. Was lonely and miserable and had no friends and wanted to go back. That is how this blog was born. Since I had nobody to talk to, I decided to talk to this space. My blog, my friend that would listen to all my rants and pain and sorrow and share it with me.

That is indeed what has happened. We have come a long long way together, since that fateful day six years ago. My blog has always been the repository of my emotions, thoughts, feelings, expressions and rants. It has stayed with me through my highs and lows. It has been a true hamsafar of sorts, growing and evolving as my thoughts and I evolved. It has been both my aks and aaina...

I was wondering why it is not called a blog birthday, but a blog anniversary. And then I realized, that it is a day that we both came together. It marks an important milestone for both of us. So here is wishing us both a happy anniversary, and many many more years of sharing and togetherness!

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Minu said...

Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Enjoyed the read.

Psych Babbler™ said...

Happy Blogeversary! 6 years is a long time and yo uare still going strong. It must be interesting to read the changes in your life and to realise that nothing is ever constant... Here's to many more years!

Rachna said...

@Minu- thanks! Went back to yours, and loved it. Particularly liked the creative work!
@PB- thanks! Yes, a blog is so much like a time machine, and we can go back in time and revisit memories.