Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A woman's ubiquitous Tool

What is the one tool that a woman almost always has? A woman from any country in the world? (and there is no need to get dirty here ;)
Any guesses?


This truth dawned on me a few days ago while talking to a friend from Tunisia. We were discussing eyebrow threading and she mentioned that she often uses a plucker. A couple of years ago, another of my friends from China was using a plucker. So do most Americans (though I don't have empirical evidence for this). So do most Indian women.

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Of course, this raises a lot of questions about how body hair is deemed ugly on women. I don't see men waxing their hair or shaving their legs. Apart from, of course, Shahrukh Khan. I love his waxed clean chest. Lovvvvvvve it!!!!! (I had to emphasize that).

That raises another question... how do you all like your men? Hairy or less hairy?


Richa said...

Hmmm..never thought about this but usually hairs on the back grosses me out (like Anil Kapoor), other than that they don't bother me as much. But given a choice I might go for less hairy variety..

BTW liked the theme: why should only women be judged for being hairy or non-hairy? :)

Rachna said...

I agree.. I prefer the less hairy variety too ;)

Psych Babbler said...

Less hairy for sure. Like Richa don't like the idea of hair on a man's back. I don't mind a little hair on the chest, arms and legs though

Rachna said...

@Psych babbler,
Just wanted to say I love your blog! permission to blogroll??

Anonymous said...

It depends on the male in question. SRK looks great w/o, whereas Akki looks equally great with it.

I don't like the mix-match, though. A bearded male w/smooth torso is strange.