Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Nephew Strikes Again

Have I mentioned my idiot nephew (IN) to you? Oh yes I have, he's here and here (in the latter, his Mom is the bhabhi I talk about). That he represents the next generation of India sends shivers down my spine. So here's the latest episode of my nephew's font of wisdom.

I was visiting him this summer, since I was in India. Since he does no work around the house, throws litter and garbage wherever he happens to be at the moment (throwing toffee wrappers on the floor next to the bed, tossing an empty food bag on the dining table etc.), expects his Mom to obey all his shouted commands (she does) and generally behaves like a brat, I was a 'bit' irritated anyway. So when he was about to go and get ready, the following conversation happened:

IN: Mummy, mere kapde nikaal ke rakhna, I am going to have a bath.
(This is a 20 year old guy we are talking about.)
Me: Well, you should do it yourself, why should your Mom take out and keep all your clothes ready?
IN: Kyun, aap Jiju (referring to my husband) ke kapde nahi nikaalti ho kya?
Me: Of course not! He can take care of himself.
IN: And he does not say anything to you ?
Me: No, why should he?
IN: Tabhi aap itne bigade huye ho!

I was beyond speechless. This is wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to start.

On the bright side, he and his Mom have singlehandedly kept this blog alive!!

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